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UGX 3D Motion Entertainment System

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Carmichael audio and video is THE place for next generation gaming and entertainment. After many years of design, research and testing only the very best mix of audio, video, computer and next generation entertainment products have been put all together for the most immersive gaming and entertainment experience ever available. 

So what is a UGX system? Well, the UGX refers to the Ultimate Gaming Experience, but it is really even much more than that. Imagine a Home Theater system complete with a large screen TV, and 7.1 surround, except we add 3D capability, D-Box motion seating and a customized computer system. We then customize the seating so it can be easily configured for racing, flying, shooter games or played with a standard game controller as well as a mouse and keyboard. The D-box seating provides motion feedback for over 20 games and adds motion to nearly 1,000 movies. The entire system is easily controlled by a customized remote, so anyone can easily use the system. Each system is equipped with full Blu-Ray capability and easily configured to include any audio or video device in including a Playstation 3, Wii or XBox360 as well as your High Definition satellite or cable. The system can play hundreds of PC games in 3D (see 3D FAQ for more info ) and most new and future PC games are 3Dcapable. There are many 3D DVD's and videos available now with more coming soon. All systems will be 3D Blu-Ray capable shortly as well. Most systems can even convert any video or movie file into 3D in real time. Be sure to check out some videos to see how all this works.

Here are all the standard configurations for all UGX systems.

  • 3D Motion Racer/Sim with head tracking and force feedback controls
  • 3D Motion Flight Sim with head tracking and force feedback controls
  • 3D Motion Shooter
  • 3D Impact Shooter
  • 3D Novint Shooter
  • 900 plus in-motion movies by D-Box
  • 3D in-motion movies with tri-def real-time 3D transcoding of virtually and movie or video file

Check out the videos under the different sections of this site.

 Here is what a dedicated room might look like setup to play Crysis as a 3D Novint Shooter.




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